How Much do Replacement Windows Cost in 2023?

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March 7, 2023

2023 Buyers Guide to the Cost of Replacement Windows

The three main functions of any window are to look good, keep out the weather and offer a good level of security. If your windows are not doing this to your satisfaction, then now could be a very good time to replace them with a new set.

So, how much does it cost for replacement windows in 2023?

The amount of budget you will need for your new double glazed windows will be impacted by a number of things, not least by the number of windows you need and the size of the windows themselves. The other major factors will be frame material and the style of the window.

Here are your main choices of styles and construction material.

  • Windows: Casement / Sash / Tilt & Turn / French / Bifold.
  • Materials: UPVC / Softwood / Hardwood / Aluminium.

To give you some idea of the wide variation in prices, just based on the different frame construction, here are some examples of the cost of a 600mm x 900mm casement window:

Casement Replacement Windows in Cottage

Casement windows with Georgian Bar inserts.

Average replacement windows cost by design style.

The cheapest double glazed replacement windows are casement windows. Sash Windows or Tilt & Turn windows are always costlier, no matter what material you have them made from.

Typical windows prices by design:

  • Average casement windows cost from £250 to £600
  • Average Tilt & Turn windows cost from £450 to £700
  • Average Sash windows cost from £500 to £900

As you can see, to calculate a more accurate cost for your replacement windows, you should first have a better idea of the design, frame material, energy rating and sizes.

Not only do you need to know what you want, you may also need to allow for variations in the cost of labour. As an example, you could expect the cost of the labour to be 10% to 15% higher if you live in Central London.

If you are on the lookout for cheap double glazed windows, then your best bet is to look at softwood. However, the lower upfront cost is likely to be offset by the cost of maintaining them or even replacing them after just a few years if you are not careful about the quality of the timber.

From personal experience, I have seen softwood windows deteriorate to unacceptable levels within just 5 years of installation.

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What are the differences between the most popular double glazed replacement window designs?

Without doubt, the 3 most popular double glazed window designs are Casement, Sash and Tilt / Turn. French windows are also popular, but more often used as a door.

What are casement windows?

Casement WindowCasement windows have opening sections that are hinged on the side and usually swing outwards. The hinges will be on the left or right side for a standard design, on the top for awning windows and on the bottom for hopper. The hopper window style opens inwards.

Casement windows are probably what most people think of when they think of a double glazed window, and are hugely popular across the UK.

Variations of the casement style include Bay windows & Bow windows.

How Much Do Casement Windows Cost in 2019?

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What are Sash Windows?

A Rated Double Glazed WindowsClassic Sash windows have opening sections that slide up and down (except for horizontal sash windows). As such, they therefore do not use hinges like a casement window does.

The windows slide up and down within tracks on the side of the outer frame. Generally made to have two sections, the top half slides down & the bottom half slides up.

You can choose to have both sections movable (double hung) or just the top section movable (single hung).

Sash Windows can also be incorporated into Bay windows designs.

How Much Do Sash Windows Cost in 2019?

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What are Tilt & Turn Windows?

Replaceet Windows Tilt and TurnTilt & Turn windows are variations on the casement design in that they are side hinged “swing windows”. However, most tilting design windows will open inwards, unlike the regular casement window which opens outwards.

The unique feature of this design is that they have an extra function that allow them to tilt, or lean backwards from the top. The tilting action is controlled by a specialised hinge system operated by turning the window handle in a specific direction. The angle of tilt is mechanically limited for safety, but it does allow for a lot of fresh air.

The thing about having replacement windows that open inwards is both a positive and a negative. Opening inwards makes then easy to clean from inside the house, which is handy on upper floors. However, the inward “tilt” and “turn” will necessitate that you be careful about keeping things on your window cills and can also interfere with window blinds.

How Much Do Tilt & Turn Windows Cost in 2019?

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Double Glazed Replacement Windows Price Estimates for 2023.

How to budget for your replacement double glazed windows?

As mentioned beforehand, the biggest replacement windows pricing factors are style, frame material and size. But there are other elements of the window that need to be considered, all of which have some kind of price influence.

  • Window Energy Rating (WER): Identified by means of a label, the WER ranges from A++ to G. With “G” being the lowest rated and “C” being the lowest rating acceptable to meet current UK building regulations. Higher rated units usually cost more. B rated units are more than adequate for most homes.
  • Glazing: It could be that you want obscure, patterned, coloured or leaded glass. These are “optional extra’s”.
  • Opening windows: Lots of installers add a charge for each window section that can open.
  • Colours: This is relevant for UPVC windows and for Aluminium windows. Having coloured or wood-grain surfaced frames will increase the cost.
  • “Bulk orders”: Buying one double glazed window is going to cost “more per window” than if you are replacing all the windows in the house at the same time (buying a lot of windows).
  • National Vs Local: Whilst the big companies like Everest, Anglian, Safestyle all have excellent products, you can often find very competitive replacement windows prices from a local source. Get quotes from both and compare the differences.

What should you look for in your double glazing quote?

Whilst each installer will have their own format for a written quotation, you should make sure that any quotes you get contain at least the following information:

  • Full Technical Survey results.
  • Details of each specific window (size, opening sections, direction of opening etc.).
  • Details of material used (UPVC. Aluminium, Timber etc.).
  • Number of windows supplied, including style (Sash / Casement etc.).
  • Window Energy rating.
  • What glazing is included (28mm unit / 24mm unit, Argon Gas filled etc.).
  • Any Cills, Trickle Vents.
  • Window Furniture / Trim
  • Full cost of supply & installation – including any “extra-work”.
  • Payment Schedule (is there a deposit, is it guaranteed, or is it all payable upon completion?).
  • Guarantees (Labour & Materials).

What is the average cost of double glazing a complete house in 2019?

Here is a rough guide to the cost of having your existing windows replaced and new double glazed windows fitted.

If you are doing the whole house, then you may also want front & back doors. There is more info & prices here.

Find out how much it will cost for replacement windows in your home

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In Summary – How much do replacement windows cost in 2023?

As you can see, it very much depends upon what you want to install in your home. However, if you want to keep to a lower budget, then the cheapest double glazed windows, in the long term, are going to be UPVC casement windows. They represent great value for money, last a long time and offer a wide choice in terms of where they can be used.

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