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August 9, 2017
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September 25, 2017

Double Glazed uPVC Casement Windows

uPVC Casement windows

French Casement Windows

Double glazed uPVC Casement windows are one of the most frequently seen new or replacement window styles in the UK. As a design that offers the most flexibility, in terms of where and how it can be used, modern uPVC casement windows bring style, performance and security.

Gone are the days of the “chunky & clunky” uPVC window. The latest designs feature energy efficient slimline frames in a wide selection of colours and surface finishes making them an even more visually attractive and cost effective solution for any style of home.

With slimline profiles that are energy saving, contemporary double glazed windows in uPVC offer homeowners one of the most comprehensive combination of features in the market.

uPVC is commonly used in many instances for all types of windows and doors, but what does uPVC stand for, and what reasons are there to use it for your casement windows?
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What is a uPVC Casement Window?

About uPVC.

Some, who are not fans of uPVC, call it plastic, but it’s actually a modified version of Vinyl. The “U” means unplasticised, which is just a fancy way of saying that it is a rigid polymer.

The primary properties are that is it tough, lasts a very long time and is a bad conductor of heat. The poor conductivity actually makes a uPVC casement window more energy efficient, because it does not transfer heat or cold anywhere near as easily as a metal (such as aluminium).

About UPVC Casement Windows

House with uPVC Casement Windows

House with uPVC Casement Windows

The window that would probably first come to mind for most people is the casement window. The casement is actually the moving window section with hinges on the side. This widow design opens outwards, either from the left (FCL) or from the right (FCR).

Typically side opening, there are however versions that open from the bottom called Awning windows, or those that open from the top called Hopper windows.

This style of window can be used for very small openings to big picture windows, like bay or bow windows.

The outer and window frames are made from individual lengths of multi-chambered uPVC called profiles, that are cut to size and joined together at the corners by welding, metal connectors or a combination of both.

UPVC frame profiles are chambered to assist energy efficiency and make them lighter. The chambers can also house galvanised metal reinforcing for added rigidity and structural strength.

What are the top 10 features & benefits of using uPVC casement windows?

uPVC Double Glazed Window Frame

Chambered uPVC Double Glazed Window profile

  1. UPVC casement windows are priced lower than aluminum or hardwood windows – you save money.
  2. They are very tough, durable and stable. Meaning they last for a long time and give you value for money.
  3. No rotting, rusting, corroding, no painting – you spend less of your time & money having to maintain them.
  4. UPVC windows are widely available – it keeps prices competitive and gives you a massive choice when it comes to design and supply.
  5. They are very energy efficient – this means you lose less heat, stop cold & draughts from coming in and therefore potentially save on your home energy bills.
  6. UPVC Casement windows come in different colours & finishes – so you can match your style, whatever that is.
  7. Choice of glazing – Select either double glazed units with up to 28 mm sealed units or even triple glazing with up to 36 mm, once more helping to lower your home energy bills.
  8. When closed, a casement window is “pressed or pulled” into the outer frame, unlike a sash window which just runs in a track – this makes them the most water & windproof type of opening window.
  9. Minimum 10 year guarantee – offers you long term peace of mind.
  10. Very Secure – locking handles and internal window beads keep your family and property protected.

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What are other ways to use uPVC casement windows?

There a couple of different ways to take advantage of the casement window style & function, and here are some of the various uses to which they can be put:

French Casement Windows

UPVC Casement Windows
This is a set of twin casements within one widow frame. The windows are fitted side-by-side and open from the centre. Some designs will have a mullion in the centre (a post) for the windows to lock onto, instead of locking to each other. However, the mullion does obstruct the view.

Bay & Bow Casement Windows

UPVC Casement Windows
Projection windows, such as the bay & bow designs, increase the internal room space by actually extending outwards from the house. Not only does the projection element increase internal space, it also allows for more natural light and a wider viewing angle:

Colour Options

As you would already have thought, white uPVC is a firm favourite, but more homeowners are adding colour to uPVC casements in order to further enhance the look of their properties.

uPVC WIndowsColours

uPVC Windows Colours

Some colour options include:
  • Black Brown | Anthracite Grey | Pearl grey
  • Dark Blue | Steel Blue | Duck Egg Blue
  • Green | Chartwell Green | Racing Green
  • White | Cream | Vanilla
  • Oak | Light Oak | Irish Oak | Golden Oak
  • Walnut | Mahogany | Rosewood

Colour options also include the choice of having 2 colours, internal and external and timber-grain surfaces or smooth surfaces.

uPVC casement window colours are permanent “foiled-bonded”, which don’t suffer fading from ultra-violet light and are impervious to acid rain and most other air pollutants.

Glazing Options

Patterned glass

Patterned Glass Options

Apart from the choice of double or triple glazing (mentioned previously) there are several options when it comes to the appearance of the glass.

Decorative glass such as leaded lights, patterned, coloured or frosted glass can be selected to suit the purpose of the window and the style of your home.

Glazing choice also forms an integral part of the energy efficiency of the window as a whole. Single glazing is a thing of the past and it is practically standard procedure for modern windows to have double glazing units fitted with at least a “C” energy efficiency rating.

A++ energy ratings for uPVC Casement windows can be achieved by integrating features such as 28mm units, warm-edge spacers, low-e glass and Argon gas filled sealed units.

If you go for triple glazing, you can use 36 mm units alongside low-e and argon, but it will cost more to fit than double glazing.

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Small selection of patterned glass and colour options












irish oak





How much do uPVC Casement Windows cost?

UPVC  Casement window prices, not unsurprisingly, are going to be based on the actual finished product that you buy and the cost of installing the units. Suffice to say that if you are buying a number of windows at the same time (doing the front or even the whole house), then the cost per window is going to attract a discount.

Window Size (mm) Frame specification   Fitted window prices 
 Single : 600 x 900 double glazed, white £200 to £250
Single: 1200 x 1200 double glazed, white £300 to £350
Single 950 x 1500 double glazed, white £450 to £500
3 bed up to 10/12 units double glazed, white £4,500 to £6,000

Wood-grain, coloured uPVC, opening sections, various different cill options, special glass or other “optional extras” will attract an extra charge – in the case of colour or wood-grain that could be from 10% to 20%.

UPVC Bay & Bow Window Prices

Bay and bow windows are specialist installations and can cost a lot more, because there is a lot more to them, labour and material wise. The prices indicated are for the window units, the work needed to fit a free standing bay window is really much too variable to calculate here.

Approximate size & panel number Frame Material  Price Guide
 8 ft x 5 ft (2.5m x 1.5m) 3 panel Bay Window  uPVC White £1,200 to £1,500
 10 ft x 5 ft (3.0m x 1.5m) 4 panel Bow Window uPVC White £1,400 to £1,700
 13 ft x 5 ft (4.0m x 1.5m) 5 panel Bow Window uPVC White £2.000 to £2,500

UPVC French Windows Prices

The unit will comprise of 2 side by side casement windows, i.e. a 900 wide window will be 2 x 450 panels

Approximate size (mm) Frame Specification  Price Guide
 up to 600 w x 900 h  uPVC White C rated From £500
up to 900 w x 1000 h uPVC White C rated From £650
 up to 1200 w x 1200 h uPVC White Crated From £700
To get an accurate price for your project, we recommend that you get 3 or 4 written quotes from an accredited FENSA or CERTASS installer.

More Window designs

More Window DesignsIf you are not sure that casement windows are for you, it may be useful to review other styles to see if there is something that is a better fit to your situation.

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