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August 9, 2017

Exterior uPVC Doors For Your Home

uPVC door design, feature & prices guide.

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Blue Wood-grain uPVC Front Door

High quality external uPVC Doors are firmly established as the ideal solution for homeowners wanting the best combination of performance, security, looks and competitive prices.

With the huge selection of designs, styles, sizes, colours and glazing options available, uPVC doors provide the widest possible selection of front doors, back doors or patio doors in the market.

Choose from up to 20 different colours, have one colour inside and a different colour outside or have your door made with a wood-grain finish that is virtually indistinguishable from actual timber.

Upgrading a property in today’s market allows UK homeowners to take advantage of the latest styles and materials to make their homes look, and feel, better. Installing new uPVC doors, or upgrading your existing ones, is an excellent alternative to expensive aluminium & composite or high maintenance wooden products.

Flexible in look and design, uPVC can also mimic the appearance of other materials without high cost and either match or improve on many of their features at the same time.

Choice of Door Design

Whether you are looking for a single front entrance door in the style of Cambridge, Westminster, Arched or any of a dozen other classic styles, or you’re looking for something in a French, Patio or Bifold designs for a dividing area or backyard exit, uPVC is entirely adaptable to your design and function needs.

With a range of finishes and appearance, even the standard uPVC door can be a compliment any house, whether it;s a “period piece” or “modern marvel”.

Coupled with a huge range of sizes, appearance or glazing options, home owners looking for a new or replacement door will be sure to get the look they want from the modern uPVC door range.

What are the reasons to use uPVC doors in your home?

  • Energy Efficient
UPVC Bifold Doors

UPVC Bifold Doors

Doorways to the outside, like windows, can cost homeowners money in terms of energy loss, even when closed. Unlike other materials, uPVC is one of the most naturally energy efficient door construction materials on the market.

Both the door and frame will benefit from the ability of uPVC to thermally regulate. Keeping the heat and cold where they belong., subsequently helping to lower heating and cooling costs. Thereby in the process, saving the average homeowner as much as 10%-15% on their yearly heating bill.

  • Virtually Maintenance Free

Unlike wooden or steel frames, uPVC is virtually maintenance free. It does not rot like wood, nor is it impacted by environmental factors such as humidity that may lead to timber frames swelling and warping, or may result in steel frames rusting. It’s scratch resistant, isn’t impacted by insects and never corrodes.

Most uPVC doors are also mould and bacteria resistant as well, decreasing the likelihood of unhealthy fungal growth or mold development in damp environments.

  • Safe and Secure

Front Doors Handles

While uPVC is a lighter material than wood or aluminium, modern manufacturing methods have also made it just as secure, maybe even more so, against home invasion.

With reinforced frames fitted with state-of-the-art locking mechanisms, uPVC doors easily rival alternative materials for safety and security.

High quality stainless steel hinges, 3 or 5 lever mortice locks and dead-bolts are the features that help to secure the door – once it’s closed and locked, it stays that way until you open it.

Centre panels can also feature reinforcing, and make the door so resistant to forced entry that criminals who try to break in forcefully, once the door is fully locked, are doomed to failure.


Hooks, Claws & Mushrooms

Other Features

uPVC Door Colours

It’s also true that uPVC doors provide excellent sound insulation against street noise. The level of sound insulation in a top quality uPVC door is good enough to reduce the noise from even the busiest high street to nothing more than a murmur.

uPVC can last much longer than wood with far less looking after, there is nothing to paint or stain.

They are just as easy to install, able to be customized to fit any shape or size, and can be found in a range of styles, sizes, and finishes that can match any budget, large or small.

  • uPVC Door Colours

Not so many years ago, you could have any colour uPVC door you wanted, as long as the colour you wanted was white. These days there are, fortunately, a good number of different colours in the market for uPVC doors, such as:

  • Light & Plain: White / Cream / Ice Cream / Vanilla / Barley Water
  • Colours: Chartwell Green / Green / Grey / Red / Slate Grey / Black, Brown / Dark Blue
  • Wood Colours: Antique Oak / Light Oak / Irish Oak / Mahogany / Rosewood / Walnut

There are also wood-grain effect finishes in the colour range, with the additional option of having the inside of the door a different colour to the outside.

The colour is bonded to the uPVC and commonly referred to as “foiled”. The colour is non-fading, non-cracking and non-peeling and as such, lasts for the entire lifetime of the window.

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How much will a new uPVC Door cost to buy & install?

It’s not going to be much of a surprise when we say uPVC door costs will vary based on factors such as style, size, finish, design options as well as the actual cost of the installation work. So please bear that in mind for the following price guide information.

Single Entrance Door (Front or Back)

Depending on size and shape, a single uPVC entrance door can start as low as £250, including VAT, but not including installation. Prices will go up depending on customization options, but standard prices for high security uPVC single entrance doors (including framing and installation) can start around £700 and go up from there.  Read more..

uPVC Stable Doors

Stable doors made from uPVC are great for creating ventilation without opening the entire door, with starting prices around £500 including VAT, but not including installation. For fitting and installation, expect the price to jump to around £750. Read more…

uPVC French Doors

uPVC French doors are well known for their signature small paned look and start from around £400 including VAT but not installation; with installation and VAT, the prices can be seen at around £900. Read more…

uPVC Patio Doors

Depending on size, shape, and number of panels, uPVC patio doors prices begin around £700 with VAT but not including installation, and can jump up to £1100 including fitting and installation. Larger sets with more panels will increase the price. Read more…

uPVC Bi-Fold Doors

With upvc Bifold doors prices heavily dependent on the size and number of panels fitted, you can expect to see prices starting at around £1000 including VAT but not installation, and move up to £1750 for fitting and VAT as starting prices. Read more…

Additional Considerations

Lots of front entrances are wider than the average door and if this is the case with your property, then you might have to consider side or top panels to fill in the extra space.

The side panels may also benefit from some kind of privacy glazing such as frosted or patterned.

For patio doors, smaller openings tend to favour the use of French Doors, or sliding doors, whereas larger wider openings could favour bifolds.

Access is also something to consider with the threshold height of the door frames sometimes being an irritating and inconvenient obstacle for wheelchair bound, disabled, elderly or infirm persons.

Low threshold options are available to improve this situation.

Glazing for any uPVC Door should be at least toughened and double glazed.

Saving money takes a bit of “legwork”, and if you want to get the best options for your budget it’s going to mean you need to shop around.

You can find an installer to do all the work for you (including sizing, purchasing and installing) or you can do the sizing and purchasing and then use a separate installer to see if that way can save some money.

Whatever you opt to do though, get as many free quotations as you can and then choose the best option from the prices accumulated.

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What are average uPVC Front Door, Back Door & Patio Door sizes?

The actual size of a uPVC Front or back door itself will fall within a standard set of dimensions. A standard frame around the door can be around 50mm to 75mm thick (2 to 3 inches). For door openings significantly wider than this, you may need a set of bespoke doors, double doors or to add side panels.
Average external door sizes in the UK – (35 to 45 mm thick)
Height Width
6 feet 6 inches (or 1981mm) 2 feet 6 inches (or 762mm)
6 feet 6 inches (or 1981mm) 2 feet 9 inches (or 838mm)
6 feet 8 inches (or 2032mm) 2 feet 8 inches (or 813mm)
French Doors are effectively just a pair of doors within a single frame – here are some sample size ranges. As with single doors, once you exceed a certain width or height you are likely to need side or top panels.
French door size range (35 to 45 mm thick)
Height Width
Maximum 2200mm (7 ft 2 ins) Minimum 900mm (3 ft 6 ins)
Maximum 2200mm (7 ft 2 ins) Median 1500mm (5 ft 0 ins)
Maximum 2200mm (7 ft 2 ins) Maximum 1900mm (6ft 2 ins)
uPVC Patio doors, such as sliding or Bifold, can be fitted to almost any width opening, subject to a minimum, by either increasing the size of an individual panel or adding extra panels to the installation. For openings that are very high, probably over 2400 mm (8 feet or so), you may need to have your doors specially made or look at design that can incorporate some kind of top panel which suits the design of the door installation.
Sliding Patio door sizes in the UK
Width Range Height Range
2 panel set: 1600 to 3000mm 2000mm to 2400mm
3 panel set: 2400mm to 4000mm 2000mm to 2400mm
4 panels set: 2900mm to 4200mm 2000mm to 2400mm


Door colour options

Have your uPVC Doors fitted by professionals – look for these trade accreditations.

  • GGF