Which Coloured UPVC windows to buy?

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coloured upvc windows

Coloured UPVC windows. Are Spray Painted as good as foil colours?

Whilst white remains the most predominant, more and more homeowners are going for it and buying coloured UPVC windows.

Here we take a brief look at what types of designs there are in the market, the potential pros & cons of each, together with what colours you can most readily find available.

How are coloured UPVC Windows made?

Which Coloured UPVC windows to buy?Broadly, there are 2 different methods for colourising UPVC. First is to apply a spray painted finish, second is by use of a laminate skin known as a Foil.

Paint finishes are self-explanatory, and for the bulk of spray painted UPVC windows, the colour is added after the windows are fitted. For example, where the owner wants to change the existing colour for something different. In much the same way as changing the paint on a car.

Here is a short Video demonstration of spray painting UPVC windows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EA2I8Ei7MU

However, with foiling a much different process is used. The colour foil is applied at the factory by using a coloured film that wraps around the uncut profiles. The foils is then literally bonded to the surface of the uPVC using heat & pressure.

The profiles are then cut to required size and the window itself is constructed.

Advantages & Disadvantages.

Which Coloured UPVC windows to buy?Both methods are likely to come with the same length guarantee – around 10 years.

With foil colours, the process used to bond the film is fairly standard across the industry. As such, you are more likely to find the same quality of finish no matter where you are in the UK.

For spray painted windows, on the other hand, there are going to more variables.

The paint being used is just one factor. For example, is it of sufficient quality? Not only that, but there is going to be a heavy reliance upon the skills of the contractors doing the work.

If the frames are not prepared properly or the workmanship is less than perfect, you could be wasting your time & money.

It is very important to use an experienced & skillful contractor for spray painted UPVC windows.

Colour choice is practically unlimited for paints. For example, Kolorbond (http://www.kolorbond.co.uk/kolorbond-paint-plastic-pvc-upvc ) say they can provide almost any colour.

A much more limited range is available for colour foils. The limit is somewhere around 19 colours, but not all suppliers may have all the colours in stock at the same time.

However, you do have the option to have a wood-grain effect with foils, which you don’t get with painted surfaces – unless, of course, you are painting over an existing woodgrain surface.

Final thoughts

If you just want to make your home look different, and your existing uPVC windows are in good working order, then spray painting them can be a good option.

However, you should always compare the cost against replacing them with new windows just in case.

In the case where you are already going replace your windows, then fitting foil colours is the better option (IMHO).

To find out the cost of coloured UPVC windows for your home, get free quotes.